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Wrong Scam and Fraud complaints against LAGAH EXPORTS - INDIA 08 Jan`14

To ruin the reputation of our company they are using keywords like scams, frauds, bad hair of lagah exports etc. They are using their friends in other countries as we can not sue the aliens in india. We do not response such kind of complaints as these are fake complaints posted by number of other competitors and cheap practicing small suppliers who do not have business ... Click to see full post »

LAGAH EXPORTS - INDIA Participated in a Hair Exhibition in Ghana in 2008 04 Jan`14

lagah exports participated in human hair exhibition in 2008 in Ghana ... Click to see full post »

A Fraud claiming as Director in LAGAH EXPORTS - INDIA ( Beware ) 14 Jul`13

reviews of lagah exports and scam complaints against lagah exports india ... Click to see full post »